Artwork by Lou Bloomer

Lou Bloomer is a part Indigenous Australian artist originally from Grafton, Northern NSW, identifying as Bundjalung for the land she was born and grew up on, as well as Anaiwan and Kamilaroi—the nations of her ancestors. Lou draws her artistic inspiration from nature and her everyday surroundings, highlighting the similarities in our life’s journeys with that of the universe and everything living within it. 

This artwork reflects the geographical lines and pathways of the lands we walk upon every day. What once were carved by the oceans currents and tides, are now the hills and valleys we travel through. Much like the paths we take with every decision we make, the winds and waters travel scientifically the same.

Lou Bloomer

GIS: A Computing Perspective artwork by Lou Bloomer
GIS: A Computing Perspective 3e original artwork by Lou Bloomer